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Translating Shnei Luchos HaBris

Ok, now to test if anyone is reading this and payign attention! LOL  No fault if no one is, its been a LONG time since I posted regularly.

So here is what I am asking:  I have two projects in mind and wonder if anyone is interested and what people would prefer to see:

1) A complete transliteration of the Shabbos service (Ma’ariv, Minchah, Shacharit) from Nusach Ashkenaz.  This one is due to the fact that recentyl I have had some people coming to shul that, while Orthodox, have largely disconnected and have trouble following the service.  The idea is to create a resource for them so they can follow easily (once downloaded and printed).  I know of the Artscroll transliterated siddur, but due to their financial difficulties they are not in a position to buy it (and refuse to accept it from me…

2)) A translation of Shnei Luchos HaBris (Teh Torah commentary by the Shlah, Rbbi Isaiah Horowitz rather than his full ethical/musar book of the same title- that I may do later but it is probably too esoteric to do) as I study it.  I will NOT include my own commentary or elucidation beyond that needed to make a clear translation

So any suggestions from out there?

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