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Well, this blog is to replace one I have been writing at Yahoo!360. Just too many technical problems with getting posts to go in, edits to appear and a few people complaining they couldn’t post comments…

So what is going to be on this blog? Random musings, thoughts from the top of my head- and most frequently my thoughts on the weekly Torah portion, an upcoming (or just passed) Jewish holiday, something that I have come across in my Talmud studies that I want to expound upon (woe to those that read my blog and have to listen to the expositions of the ignorant!) major events in my life or just something I feel like writing about.

So, initially I will be prolific! After all, I will copy my posts from the other blog across to here, each to its own post until my words of my wisdom (hey, its my blog, if I say they are wise then they are!) are recorded here for prosperity!

I welcome comments, critiques and discussion but I will summarily remove

1) Any posts from missionaries

2) Any anti-Semitic comments

3) Any posts denigrating Judaism in an attempt to promote another religion

4) Any posts containing lashon hara (gossip, personal attacks and the like)

Other than that, I hope to hear form you and to hopefully getting to make some new friends out there. Oh and just a quick disclaimer- I am not a Rabbi, so don’t take anything I say as a binding ruling- ask your local Orthodox Rabbi and get a more authoritative response!

Note: This page reflects the Orthodox view point. If you are liberal Jew who is easily offended by the fact that Orthodox Jews closely follow the Torah- rather don’t read this page. I make no excuses or apologies for my beliefs or those of Orthodox Judaism.

Clarification:  I had someone ask what my attitude was towards comments around posts involving Christianity.  The answer is simple- I don’t want to hear from missionaries, and I am not going to debate which religion is right or wrong.  However, if someone wants to discuss something from a Christian context that is reflected in this blog, I do not object, as long as it follows the guidelines not to be preaching to Jews or an attack on Judaism.

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