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UN: Hamas seized food and blankets from needy Gazans – Haaretz – Israel News

UN: Hamas seized food and blankets from needy Gazans – Haaretz – Israel News.

So Hamas blatantly uses the standard terrorist tactics of stealing aid and then using it only to feed thise who profess loyalty to them! So now Gazan’s have a choice, support Hamas or starve!  This is ntohng new, though previously the UN liked to pretend it wasn’t happening; after all, if they admit that Hamas is nothing but a thieving terrorist organisation as willing to starve and kill Palestinians as they are willing to blow up Israeli citizens, then they would have a hard time demonising Israel for the heinous crime of defending itself against terrorist attacks!

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Gaza: Defend Israeli lives, minimise civilian casualties

The above neatly sums up the task that the IDF has on its hand. Defend Israeli lives, minimise the number of civilian casualties on the other side. Now in that statement there are two important factors:
1) the IDF represents ALL Israelis, all segments of Israeli society, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arab, Druse or anything else. Every citizen of Israel is protected by the IDF, just as every group in Israel has lost loved ones at the hands of the terrorists.
2) Minimising civilian casualties implies that no civilian casualties is going to be unlikely, if not impossible. The terrorists look for quick media wins, juicy pictures 9real or faked) that they can parade around to the news outlets who are only too willing to unceremoniously broadcast anything anti-Israel without casting a critical eye over its cntents. The simple reality is that as long as the terrorists are using women, children and everyone else as human shields- as mere fodder for their propaganda machine which requires as many bodies a spossible to feed their sickness, their will be civilian casualties.

Should the IDF show more restraint? Teh simple question would be how? Already Israel hampers military operations by pre-warning civilians via pamphlet droplets and SMS messages when they need to evacuate an area before they launch an operation. Militarily, they are making a tactical error, warning the enemy where they will be, giving up the element of surprise, allowing the terrorists to set-up ambushes or to move in, or remavoe all, their military units. No other country fights a war in this manner- yet the IDF takes the reduction in their tactical operations for a simple reason: ti minimise civilian casualties.

Of course, what the media loves to show, and what the world comments on is not the fact that Israel places additional risks on their soldiers for humanitarian reasons. Noe- what they are upset about is the fact that israeli has a better army than the palestinians! Since when does any army in war reduce its force to be proportional? any commander deliberately reducing his forces to make things proportional should be court martialled and chucked out of the armed forces for placing his troops at risk! The IDF is not going to reduce its capacity merely to be proportional- nor should they. In all probablity a “proportional” war would probably end up with even higher civilian casualties due to the increased amount house to house fighting that would result.

So, the IDF is doing an amazing job in an unenviable position- and it looks like they will unfortunately be called on to repeat this job on the near future. Rockets are coming from Gaza; Hamas and the other terrorist groups are trying to kill Israeli citizens again- and the IDF will once again be called on to their job and defend Israel. My hope? That when they go back in this time they hit harder and more decisively than they did last time. I hope, and pray that Gilad Shalit will be found and returned safely to his family. And most of all, I pray that the Palestinians caught in the crossfire between the terrorists dedicated to killing, and the IDF dedicated to protecting life, rise up, get rid of the terrorists that see them as nothing more than walking corpses to be used for propoganda. I pray for that day- because it is only then that we will finally be able to negotiate a true and lasting peace with two states, Israel and a Palestinian one, side by side!

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