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Siyum Shas!

I have not posted in a LONG time.  Why not?  Life just not giving time.  As a Reverend for the community I have found myself spending more time involved in that than expected.  Then has been the studyign in Kollel half day while tryign to drive a business at the same time which has consumed even more time, especially as I refuse to let anything compromise the time I spend with my kids.  That time is sacrosanct, they need it, I need it, and work and studies get put aside to ensure that they are not compromised.

So I have not posted much, but I have continued on with Daf Yomi- and while I have fallen behind (I should be halfway through Sukkot now instead of just finishing off Yoma) I continue.  I started Daf Yomi when the cycle was in the middle of Yoma- I started from the beginning of Yoma, then skipped the end of end to do Sukkot with everyone else.  Now I am on the last Daf, an amud to go, a mere paragraph left and I find myself almost scared to just complete it.  It has been over 7 years, many times the parallels between what I was studying and my life a “coincedence” of cosmological proportions.  Sometimes happily, sometimes sadly. I was studying hilchos Aveilus when my grandmother died, Bava Kama when gettign a business going, kesubos during my divorce.

Since I always studied Daf Yomi by myself, using the “Dial A Daf” shiurim I purchased on DVD and loaded onto my iPhone, I generally did not do a Siyum at the end of each masechta.  When I reached the end of masechta Chullin, the Rosh Yeshivah insisted I do a siyum and I remember the faces of my boys as they sat there, amongst the bochrim, next tot he Rosh Yeshivah and my father, the mashgiach ruchani and other Rabbonim and looking looking proud.  They had been at their own siymim at school- in Grade one when they finished their first parsha, my older son when they finished Bereishis, but still I could see how much it meant to them to be there with their dad when he did a Siyum.

Now I stand that one paragraph away from finishing Shas and I look back at the journey, and look forward to the chazarah and repeatig it all over the next 7 years.  I have committed to doing a Siyum Shas, sent out the invitations and prepare for what comes next.  The last few lines beckon and I look forward to  Hadran Eiliechah masechta Yoma v’Talmud Bavli!

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