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Parshas Devarim 5770

Parsha question: How does this weeks Parsha teach us about how studying the Torah heals?
This weeks Parsha; Devarim Devarim (Deuteronomy) 1:1- 3:22

The answer to this is from the Midrash Tanchuma Devarim 2. It brings an interesting idea: At the time of the burning bush, Moshe stated to Hashem that he wcould not speak before Pharoah because of his speech problems.  The Midrash sees in this more than an admittance of a physical problem;  that at the court of Pharoah it was expected that those considered wise could speak in the 70 languages of the 70 nations of the world. However, at that point in time Moshe could not.

Now, as he starts his recap of the Torah this idea is revisited “V’Elu haDevarim” “And these are the words”: though for the subject matter here “Elu Devarim”- these words are the focus. Why? At the start Moshe was concerned about appearing before Pharoah and speaking even for a short time, now, after learning Torah for 40 years in the desert, he begins a discourse before the entirety of Bnei Yisrael that lasts for 30 days! More than that, the Midrash records that this discourse was given in all the 70 languages of the nations of the world thus when he calls on the Earth and sky to witness.  They also witness that when Moshe expounded on the Torah at the end of his life, it was not just in a fashion that could be understood by the Jewish nation, but in a way that could be understood by the entire world.  Yet for all that, the rest of the world still rejected Judaism and clung to idolatry.


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