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I am always surprised at the vehemence and rudeness in some of the emails I receive.  Many come from “messianic jews’ upset with my stance of them (anyone not aware of that stance:  As far as I am concerned “messianic judaism” is nothing but a Christian missionary movement using a bait and switch scam to convert the uneducated to Christianity).  Now, I understand why they are upset with me’ after all, I take quite a hostile approach towards their missionary movement.

Where I find the hostility strange is when people I have never heard of start sending em hate mails attacking me because I am against Christianity and Islam.  This always comes as a surprise- since I never bother talking about either of those religions (why should I, this blog is about Judaism not about other religion).  So I look with amazement on these emails- am I being accussed of hating other religions because I ignore them?

To me, it raises the whole issue of tolerance.  I don’t write about other religions since they are meaningless to me and I have no issue with other people belonging to other religions.  People follow the religion they believe in and do so because they believe in it.  I have no intention of going and seeking out people to convert to Judaism and I have no intention of trying to convince people that there religion is wrong and they must change.  The only time I raise other religions is when they are involved in some way with Judaism- be it “messianic judaism” and their attempts to convert Jews by distorting and lying about the Torah or the incident with the Pope and the removing of the excommunication from a holocause denying Bishop which I blogged about at the time.

So, when somebody sends me an email saying that I hate Islam and Muslims I just scratch my head and wonder where the person gets it from.  When someone sends me an email saying how I hate Jesus, that I am just like the pharisees (thanks for that one- I wish I could be like the great sages of the Talmud!) and that I will burn in hell for blaspheming Jesus I am vaguely amused.  I suppose I am not alone in receiving this kind of mail and normally I just delete it after a mild moment of amusement.  Still, it got me thinking and writing this down to make a simple request:

Before accussing me of the numerous infidelities you can think off- from being a “Jesus killing pharisee” to “assisting the devil in his work to oppose Jesus”- please read my blog and what I actually write.   Maybe you will actually learn something and realise that just because somebody does not agree with you, they are not out to destroy you.  (yep, including even the “messianic jews”- the day they stop pretending to be Jewish, proudly join the ranks of the Christians and stop using deceit and misrepresentation in an attempt to convert Jews, I will stop making posts about them!)


September 22, 2009 - Posted by | Current affairs, Messianic, Weekly Question/Issue

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