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South African Elections 2009

Tomorrow South Africa heads off to the polls for the fourth democratic election since apartheid came tumbling down.  Unfortunately, in the time since nelson mandela was elected as the President of South Africa, we seem to have undergone a falling down in standards…

After the first elections in 1994, there was great joy.  we had leaders that were recognised by the rest of thew world, leaders that promised to lead the country forward democratically and in the interests of all, not just their own narrow interests.  Unfortunately, the sense of joy fell away.  Corruption began to show- some of the stalwarts of the anti-Apartheid era were caught with their fingers in the coffers.  The arms deal towards the end of the decade just seemed to accelerate the corruption.   Along with the increase in white collar crime amongst the politicians, an increase in violent crime in the streets seemed to run in parallel.

25 years on, we now face an election where the most likely winner is somebody who managed to avoid serious criminal charges of fraud by dragging out the criminal case for years, and then blackmailing the prosecution authorities into dropping the charges.  Theris only one credible opposition party, the DA, the only other party that is likely to make any showing at all, COPE, is just an offshoot of the ANC, filled with the same people who were corrupt and pushed cronyism while in nice powerful positions.  Now, on the losing end of a power struggle within the ANC, they have started their own party.  They don’t appear any different to the way they were before, trotting out any populist nonsense needed to garner a few more votes, such as the allowing in, and putting forward as a candidate, the “Reverend” Alan Boesak- an apartheid activist who stole donor money given to his church, and then [pardoned by the State president!  Hardly the stand against corruption they claim to be interested in when they incorporate corupt individuals into their ranks!

So, tomorrow we vote, and hope for a better future.  Maybe a miracle will happen, maybe more of the populace is fed up with the antics of the ruling elite and they will be prepared o vote with logic as opposed to sentiment.  I don;t expect it- but I do hope that the ANC can at least be prevented from getting the 2/3s majority needed to alter the constitution and thus be forced to live within the law!


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