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A reply to some of the emails from Messianic Jews received…

I was pleasantly surprised that the one Messianic Jew that responded publicly in the comments did not launch into a rant or try to post missionary tracts online- for that I thanks him- we may have debated, but at least it was polite and not filled with any personal attacks or rants.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those that decided to rather contact me via email- yes, there were some that were polite, spoke nicely etc but there were the others, particularly those who sought to tell me what Jewish law was and that I was ignorant.  Hmm, and then there was just the blatant hate mail.  Ahh, the joys of the world wide web!

One of the main attacks they tend to base there defense of “Messianic Jews remain Jewish, regardless of there later actions.  Heres a simple reply to that- we do not deny that.  However, we say that they are OUTSIDE the community- for the practical ramifications of this see my earlier post on this

This weeks Parshah actually reinforces this expulsion of those who convert to other religions.  When it comes to the Korban Pesach it tells us who can, and who cannot partake of it.  The list of people who can encompasses everyone who is remotely Jewish:  Those men born Jewish and circumcised, Jewish women, children, converts and slaves that had been circumcised and immersed in the mikveh (and thereafter had the status of a semi-Jew only required to observe non-time bound mitzvot).  One the exceptions are non-Jews and “estranged” Jews.  Who are  considered “estranged”?  Simply put- Jews who follow other religions- i.e. those who convert to other religions such as Christianity.  So there we have it, a direct Torah commandment that shows that Jews that convert to other religions are considered outside of the community and cannot partake of communal activities- even one that is so important!

Anyways- shavuah Tov to all and a post more around this weeks parahs (Parshas Bo) later this week.


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