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Daily updates? How very unlike me!

Dunno what it is, the new platform, my current circumstances, or maybe I’m just really bored at work lately, but I seem to be putting out a lot of posts lately!

What happened today that has me walking on cloud nine at the moment? A couple of things:

1) My little ones birthday today (Happy Birthday Yoav!) What can I say, the nursery school (kindergarten for those who use that other version of English…) teacher put on a great Birthday ring for him and it was a fun, happy occasion.

2) A week ago my ex decided to block access to the kids. Today her lawyer responded to our court application by agreeing not to oppose, agreed that all access would be reinstated, and would not oppose us getting a court order to enforce my rights to access.

But these two things got me thinking (and with me that is always dangerous- when I think I come up with bizarre and weird linkages. Not my fault, I have played Dungeon’s and Dragons for way too many years!) I gave one interpretation of the parsha in my previous post- but there is another viewpoint which sees Korach as good, but ultimately misguided. he and his followers all wanted to be Kohanim and Kohanim Gedolim (Priests and High Priests)- and indeed, in the time of Mashiach the Levi’im will serve with the Kohanim in the Temple. In some way, Korach was trying to force the ultimate redemption, trying to force the start of the Messianic age. Some things are not ours to force, but occur because Hashem has determined that it is time for it, that we merit to have such a time start. Thus Korach was ultimately wrong and paid the price for his actions. But, in the end an important result came out of it as well- there was no longer any doubt from the Nation about Moses right to pasken (explain and expound) the Torah or of the right of Aharon and his descendants to be the Kohanim.

So, how does this relate to my personal situation? Only by REALLY stretching things. In some way, ny ex must have expected to achieve some positive outcome (don’t ask me what- the kids have virtually been in tears everytime I have spoken to them this week and asking when they can see me. Their suffering is what has been really bugging me this week) but in the end she was ultimately wrong, and the overall result is that in the long run her position has weakened. It is now clear that there can no longer be a discussion about my rights to access or reduction in access- in the end, what was the situation before is now clear, and no longer subject to debate, question or discussion.

(Yeah, I know- hubris and all that in comparing myself and my ex to Moses and Korach. Lets just be clear- I don’t for a minute think that either of us are in any way analogous to those two, just that the one situation is reflective of the other!)

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