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Surprises abound- originally posted July 27, 2007

As with everybody active on Yahoo!Answers, I get those uninvited emails from people who just want to rant at you. One class is those who think they can convert me, the other class is those just wanting to spew hatred. Mostly this is after i have posted in support of Israel, or disproven some anti-Semitic ranting against the Talmud

So, recently someone posts about the blood libel, the old anti-Semitic charge that Jews use the blood fo Christian and Muslim children for matzah (unleavened bread) on Passover. Nonsense to anyone with an ounce of knowledge about Judaism for numerous reasons
1) no human sacrifice is allowed
2) human flesh isn’t kosher
3) human blood isn’t kosher
4) blood in itself carries even more prohibitions than normal unkosher food
5) murder is forbidden

I mean, number 5 there is straight out of the Aseret Hadibrot (Ten declarations- called the 10 Commandments by non-Jews) the prohibition against human sacrifice is in the well known story of God ordering Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and then stopping the sacrifice. Yet, this has been a popular accusation since the middle ages- mostly as an excuse to attack Jews. Unfortunately, it still is a popular anti-Semitic slur, especially in some Arab countries- a foreign minister of Syria even wrote a book recently with it in!

So, after debunking such claims I expect the normal hate mails- I quite welcome them, it shows I have upset the people who posted the rubbish. I often reply as well, nothing more irking to someone posting a hate filled rant than a short, and relatively polite reply… What got me on this occasion was the one email, calling me either a dupe who had no knowledge of the Talmud, or of lying so people would not know the truth. My reply: “Come up with some better stuff than that. I expect proper hate filled rants when people attack me, not half-hearted anti-Semitic attempts…’ And this is where the surprising part, the next email I got form the person was an apology. What happened to me being a liar? To me being duped?

Ah well, sometimes people surprise you. Who knows if the person was genuine, but I haven’t seen them around since (maybe they were just banned…) or maybe they actually were sincere. heres to hoping for the later- we can always do with less anti-Semitism and hatred in the world


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