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Finally something new… And some ranting about a recent incedent

So, finally all the posts I want to keep are transferred (so sue me for not transferring the ones I didn’t like!) Now to post something new, and hopefully interesting (and undoubtedly controversial)!

Life in forums/newsgroups is interesting. You get all kinds, and all kinds of accusations being thrown about. Recently I have been accused of being “anti-gentile” and anti the Catholic Church in particular. What brought this about- somebody posting distortions of the Jewish law in order to create hatred took offense at me 1) showing how he was lying and distorting Judaism 2) pointing out that this has been a tactic of anti-Semites for centuries and 3) that anti-Semitism is rife in the Catholic Church- from the writings of the early Church Fathers (particularly those of John Chrysostom – especially his eight sermons aimed at the Judaizers where he calls shuls whorehouse, places of devil worship and worse) right through to the modern era (last year the most senior Catholic clergyman in the USA repeated the standard anti-Semitic charge that the Talmud attacks Jesus even though Jesus is not actually mentioned in the Talmud at all!)

The response of the other poster: to start ranting about how I support racism, hate Christianity and the Catholic Church, and then went on to compare the Talmud to Nazi literature. So, after his little tirades, I pointed out his anti-Semitism and then got the standard response that Jews accuse everyone who says things they don’t like of being an anti-Semite. And here I was thinking that anti-Semitism is hatred of Jews and their works- and attacking the Talmud by lying about it and comparing it to Nazi literature pretty much fits that definition! Ah well, guess some people miss the good ol’ days when Jews could be shut up by burning them alive or expelling them if they got too uppity.

So, am I anti-Gentile or the Catholic church? Nope, why would I be? The vast majority of non-Jews, of all persuasions and religions, are decent people who live their lives and just get on with living it. Why should I hate people who have never done anything to me or acted against me? On the contrary, I enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds and discussing different ideas and understanding of things. What/whom do I hate? Well, at the top of the list are those who hate me and attack me because of my religion. It makes no difference if it is a Cardinal in the Catholic Church, an Imam in the Gaza strip or an apostate Jew lying about Judaism to ingratiate himself to those he wants to get in with. You attack me and mine, you get the same back.

June 24, 2008 - Posted by | Random, Uncategorized

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  1. Forums, they can be great fun, but you also get the weirdest and most bizarre people on the. So some guy doesn’t want to look too closely at their own religion in favour of attacking others. Whats new?

    Comment by Avraham | June 26, 2008 | Reply

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