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Evangelists – originally posted July 25, 2007

Why is it that people seem to think they need to try and convince others to convert? In real life its irritating, on the net, be it in webforums or usenet- the height of futility. Do they really think they are going to get people to convert merely by putting their “proofs” down in front of the other person?

I have had to endure both- their is a Baptist Church a couple of blocks down the road from me. Now, in a predominantly Jewish area, you would think they would have some respect for their neighbors… Not a chance! It seems that they think they have an open license to irritate their neighbors by ringing at my gate asking to come in because they have something important to tell me (like anybody in Johannesburg is just going to let a bunch of strangers into their house!), or they leave pamphlets- shoving them into the mailbox, under the gate, throwing them over the wall and so on. Of course, one of my funniest encounters when I was younger (and not yet observant) was with somebody who tried to convert me, and started off by telling me how lucky Jews were to pray directly to God. I was bemused- and then amused when she tried to convert me! I mean really, why should I loose out on my lucky positon by converting! Of course- amusement turns to irritation when the happless missionary realises that they are having no joy in their attempts and leaves off with a vindictive “You will burn in hell for rejecting Jesus!” Heres another hint to those wanting to cnvert Jews- threatening us with hell is meaningless, we don’t believe in it!

Online, the web postings are often easy to ignore- I only bother responding when I think there are uneducated Jews around that need to see the refutations so they don’t get led astray. The more irritating ones are the ones that go looking around for email addresses- and then clog your inbox with their pleas for you to convert- combined with reams of scriptures which are meaningless! The most irritating ones are the ones that send emails via your blog- at least leave comments on the blog and push up my views! Heres a third hint for the missionaries- Jews don’t believe in the New Testament- any proofs from it are meaningless to us! Also, we happen to have a very good knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic and the meanings of words- from the pshat (straight) meaning to the halachic (legal) implications to the remesh (alluded to) meanings. Please don’t try and tell me I don’t understand my own scriptures!

So back to the priginal question- why do people continue with this irritating behaviour?


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